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Stress Management Using Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

Meditation and mindfulness under a beautiful sky.

Guided meditation and mindfulness help to reduce the damaging effects of chronic stress.

Mindfulness-based meditation exercises provide those who practice them an oasis and an escape from  the prominence of everyday stress, stress which can compromise health and well-being.  These effective mindfulness tools have the power and potential to reduce the effect of chronic stress that interferes with our sense of peace and our experience of good health.  Today, we will look more closely at some of the mindfulness-based exercises that can help you to reduce stress.

A Variety of Mindfulness Meditation Exercises to Lower Stress

The following mindfulness exercises are simple and convenient, Read more

Less Stress with Meditation and Guided Relaxation

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Guided Relaxation reduces stress.

Practicing meditation on a regular basis can be an excellent choice for better health!  When your experience of meditation is directed by a relaxing voice – whether live or in the form of a DVD, CD, or downloaded audio – you can sometimes be more successful with your ability to deeply relax. Setting aside time each day to relax and create stillness in your life can begin to undo some of the negative health impacts created by chronic stress. How much time is required to begin to see some of these positive effects? And how can you get the most out of the time that you invest in Guided Meditation?  Good questions.  Let’s look at some suggestions to address those questions. Read more

Guided Relaxation is Good for You

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Guided Relaxation helps you drop into stillness and calm.

Guided Relaxation has the potential to give you an edge in life! Sounds like a bold statement – I know – but when you consider it, there are numerous benefits to be gained from finding ways to relax on a regular basis. For example, people that regularly take time to relax usually experience a combination of stress relief and restful sleep, essentials often lacking in today’s busy life. And when we sleep better and have a relaxed attitude, we can often accomplish our goals more readily. Let’s look at the some of the benefits to be gained from a practice of Guided Relaxation and a few of the many products available to assist with relaxation. Read more

Guided Relaxation – Get the Advantage!

Relaxation with a View

Guided Relaxation invites you to imagine and relax to the sounds of nature.

We all deal with stress these days. We can think of stress as that state of being when it seems that everything has just become “too much.”  We may feel unable to deal with the pressures that are bearing down on us. It can feel as if our lives are unduly packed with deadlines, insistent demands, and tension.

Some stresses can be a good thing. With an optimal level of stress, we can be motivated to get more done or be more creative. Also, our natural stress response to immediate danger can help us survive a crisis or a genuine emergency.

However, when stress becomes chronic or long-term and it affects our physical and mental health, it is no longer helpful. Guided Relaxation provides a means to modulate the effects of long-term stress. Let’s look at a description of Guided Relaxation and some of the distinct advantages that come from its use. Read more

Practice Guided Relaxation

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With the practice of guided relaxation you can have a dependable way to move away from repetitive, automatic, habitual thinking  into a deeper state of attentiveness, awareness and relaxation.

When you can fully and deeply relax and let go, your stress diminishes, and you have the potential to begin the process of healing from the damage associated with chronic levels of stress.  Guided relaxation has also been linked to an improved sense of well-being.

There are many guided relaxation techniques and we will briefly talk about those.  There are also many ways that it can improve your health.  Let’s look at some of those techniques. Read more

Stress Management and Mindfulness

Nature helps to remind us to relax and reduce stress

Learn Stress Management with Guided Relaxation

Stress is a normal part of living and a fact of modern life! Our fast-paced life-styles can contribute to the overall stress we may feel.  All stress is not bad; however, when it becomes chronic, it robs us of peace and tranquility and can negatively affect our health and well-being.  So how do we go about creating our lives in such a way that stress is managed and we are more healthy, productive, relaxed, and happy?

Stress Increases Your Health Risk

When we find ourselves in a threatening situation, our body deals with the situation by activating the stress response. The stress response – the response of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system – is our body’s way of preparing us to manage this possible threat.  It can be helpful in those situations when we need to deal with danger. However, if stress becomes our default position, and we find ourselves reacting to most situations in our lives with tension and distress, we can get into trouble. The stress response, also referred to as the “fight, flight or freeze” response, is characterized by compromised digestion and blood circulation and increased heart rate and blood pressure.   Read more