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About Sandi Anders

sandi-anders-225Sandi Anders, M.Div., RYT, CSC,  has a multi-faceted career. She is a body-mind psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher, stress management specialist, musician and life coach, and a certified sexuality couselor. Each of these skills expresses her passion for life and her joy in creative work.

One constant across her varied activities is that she uses her unique voice – to teach, communicate, sing, and lead people to deeply relax. Her students have said that Sandi possesses a “soothing, melodious” voice, that she is a “sensitive, caring listener,” that her guided meditation for relaxation is the “best ever experienced!” To be in her presence as student, client, or friend is to have an experience of “intensive care.”

A guiding passion in Sandi’s life has been the experience of stillness in movement through yoga. “Yoga has helped me to understand and integrate all of the aspects of myself – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. I’ve experienced firsthand how working in the stillness of body and breath can have profound and transformative effects.”

In her private work with individuals and groups, she uses movement, breath work, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and music to create a healing environment. Her work encourages people to encounter and embrace their deepest self, to heal old wounds and learn self-nurture and self-care. She facilitates the connection of body, mind, heart and spirit into an integrated whole, grounding emotion, thought and action within the body.


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