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Guided Relaxation is Good for You

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Guided Relaxation helps you drop into stillness and calm.

Guided relaxation and meditation is good for you and has the potential to give you an edge in life! Sounds like a bold statement – I know – but when you consider it, there are numerous benefits to be gained from finding ways to relax on a regular basis. For example, people that regularly take time to relax usually experience a combination of stress relief and restful sleep, essentials often lacking in today’s busy life. And when we sleep better and have a relaxed attitude, we can often accomplish our goals more readily. Let’s look at the benefits of Guided Meditation and some of what’s available to assist you with relaxation.

Benefits of Guided Relaxation

There is much to be gained from consistently creating more stillness and relaxation in your life. Taking as little as 20 minutes each day to drop into the relaxation response can provide profound changes in one’s life and health. A listing of some of the advantages of guided relaxation include:

  • Stress relief
  • Restful sleep
  • Better health
  • Greater self awareness and clarity
  • Less tension
  • More peace

Guided Relaxation Techniques and Products

Allowing ourselves to be “unplugged” from the constant pull of everyday life is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes just sitting still and paying attention to the regular rhythm of our breath will do the trick. However, we often are distracted from or forget to be in that simple, quiet state.

That’s where the concept setting aside a regular, scheduled time for relaxation and using the assistance of a Guided Meditation product can be helpful. Guided relaxation can be experienced anytime you follow a teacher of guide into a relaxation meditation.

Guided Relaxation can be in experienced in a class with the teacher present, or it can be accessed in the form of a digital product such as a DVD, CD, or downloaded audio or video product. When you listen to a soothing voice guiding you to relax, you are invited to embark on a journey designed to transport your mind and body into a state in which you are more aware, lucid, and still.  Some of the techniques that guided relaxation calls upon involve the use of breath, imagination and greater body awareness.

Guided Relaxation CD: The Alchemy of Peace & Love

The Alchemy of Peace & Love Guided Relaxation. Buy Now: $24.95 2-CD package or $11.95 instant download.

Guided relaxation exercises and products have been around for a long time. However, there is now broader access to this useful help because of the many CD programs and downloadable products on the market today.  That means that more people can take advantage of these excellent resources more often to enhance personal growth and improve health.

Frequently, self guided relaxation produces limited results because it’s possible for the inexperienced to become distracted and sidetracked. Guided relaxation CDs can be a superb solution to this concern.

Guided relaxation makes it easier to relax.

Guided relaxation makes it easier to relax.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own relaxation teacher who guides you on your journey to greater health and wellness?  Well, that is what a guided relaxation CD gives you.  Guided relaxation can make it easier for you to be successful in relaxation because you have your very own teacher available at all times to guide you.  Guided relaxation is intended to decrease the obstacles to relaxation so that it becomes less complicated and easier for you to relax.


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