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Guided Relaxation – Get the Advantage!

Guided Relaxation invites you to imagine and relax to the sounds of nature.

Guided Relaxation invites you to imagine and relax to the sounds of nature.

We all deal with stress these days. Stress can be a good thing in moderate doses – and “moderate” is the important word here. With an optimal level of stress, we can be motivated to get more done or be more creative. Also, our natural stress response to immediate danger can help us survive a crisis or a genuine emergency. However, when stress becomes chronic or long-term, it can have harmful effects on our health. Guided Meditation provides a means to modulate the effects of long-term stress. Let’s look at a description of Guided Relaxation and some of the distinct advantages that come from its use.

Guided Meditation: Strategy for Stress Management

The regular practice of Guided Meditation is a remarkable strategy for managing stress. Many people are more apt to relax when listening to an audio product than when meditating on their own. A soothing, guiding voice can help you feel calmer, more tranquil and less stressed. Stress has proven to have harmful consequences for your body, especially when experienced for long periods of time. It is vital to interrupt those periods of stress with deep relaxation which can restore your body to a restful state. The kind of deep rest achieved with Guided Meditation can slowly but surely reverse the many of the damaging effects of long-term stress.

What can you expect with a Guided Meditation audio product? With guided relaxation you drop into relaxation as a teacher or guide leads you through the process, helping you become comfortable and deeply relaxed. You listen as the voice of your teacher or guide talks you through the process with calming words, relaxing imagery and clear direction. The words and phrases guide you, enabling your imagination to follow.

Guided relaxation is frequently accompanied by gentle music or sounds of nature. With the relaxation audio as your clear guide, you can allow your body to relax and your awareness to become focused on the sounds of the voice or the music.

The Alchemy of Peace & Love is a 2-CD set of guided relaxation meditations by Stress Management Specialist Sandi Anders and Psychologist David Yarian. It gives you an easy and effective means to achieve stress relief, relaxation and – a good night’s sleep.

The Alchemy of Peace & Love, Guided Relaxation for stress reduction and health improvement

Best Guided Relaxation CD

Disc 1: Peaceful Mind Meditation is a 26-minute body scan relaxation, followed by a meditative song and 20 minutes of soothing instrumental music to deepen your experience of relaxation. It’s perfect for taking a “mini-vacation” from a stressful life – or for bedtime listening for those who struggle with insomnia.

Disc 2: I Am Beloved Meditation is a 26-minute guided visualization followed by 22 minutes of quiet, restful music. This meditation is designed to help you connect deeply with your innermost Self, building self-esteem and self-acceptance. The I Am Beloved Meditation, with its soothing words and music, also works well as the backdrop for a gentle yoga practice.

Buy today: $24.95 2-CD set or $11.95 instant download.

Some of the Advantages of Guided Relaxation

1. Guided Relaxation CD can make your meditation journey easier and smoother.

One of the challenges of meditation is staying focused. With guided relaxation, your guide’s voice can assist you with that focus.  You are often able to remain centered and focused throughout your meditation.

The guided relaxation process will frequently call upon lovely images which encourage you to sink into stillness, calm, and tranquility.  Nature is often used as metaphor. Images such as captivating ocean waves, a quiet gentle lake, or perhaps a majestic stately mountain are commonly used . These restful images encourage the mind to slow down and the body to let go so that the listener being guided in relaxation can achieve an authentic experience of inner peace.

2. Guided Relaxation brings the power of meditation to you.

With Guided Relaxation, you have your very own personal guide. Therefore, you can practice anywhere.  From the comfort of your own home (or even hotel room), you can discover ways to deeply rest and relax with guided relaxation. You can take the journey to greater peacefulness and balance at any time you wish. Just put on your CD, sit back, listen and relax! Guided relaxation is the new paradigm for today’s fast paced way of life. 

3. Guided Relaxation is easy!

Beginners may find guided relaxation to be particularly advantageous. It is often the most effective way for an individual to become familiar with the benefits and relief afforded by the regular practice of relaxation.

And for those who find it more difficult to remain focused and centered while relaxing, guided relaxation can also make meditation easier. When you can stay focused in meditation, you have a greater chance of slipping into the calm, quiet inner state where you are able to delight in deep relaxation and profit from its healing power.

As we have said, with guided relaxation, you simply turn it on and go the distance as you listen.

Use Guided Relaxation to Relieve Chronic Stress

In today’s world, we are often on a fast-paced schedule, our lives filled with incessant demands and unrelenting stress. Too much chronic stress has been shown have negative effects on health and well-being. The regular practice of guided relaxation can be a powerful and effective way to relieve your stress and take control of your health.  It is convenient, accessible, and user-friendly. When you take the time to relax with guided relaxation, you are able to move into a place of greater peace, deeper calm, and improved health.

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