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The Alchemy of Peace & Love:
Magical Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Lift Your Spirit

 $24.95 for 2-CD set or $11.95 instant download

The Alchemy of Peace & LoveThis 2-CD set by Stress Management Specialist Sandi Anders and Psychologist David Yarian gives you an easy and effective means to achieve Stress Relief, Relaxation and – a good night’s sleep.

This set includes a bonus guided relaxation CD. Disc 2 of this set is a guided meditation on enhanced self-esteem. Sandi’s calm voice invites you to travel with her on a compelling journey to a new sense of self-acceptance, confidence and purpose in your life.


Buy now: $24.95 for 2-CD set or $11.95 for instant download.

On Disc One:
Peaceful Mind Meditation – 26 minutes
The unique, meditative song, Deep Rest – 5 minutes
Soothing instrumental music – 20 minutes

Peaceful Mind Meditation is a 26-minute body scan relaxation, followed by a meditative song and 20 minutes of soothing instrumental music to deepen your experience of relaxation. It’s perfect for taking a “mini-vacation” from a stressful life – or for bedtime listening for those who struggle with insomnia.

“I have listened to the Peaceful Mind Meditation many times. I keep falling asleep . . . I get so completely relaxed!    Comment from listener

On Disc Two:
I Am Beloved Meditation – 26 minutes
Soothing, instrumental music – 22 minutes

I am Beloved Meditation is a 26-minute guided visualization followed by 22 minutes of quiet, restful music. This meditation is designed to help you connect deeply with your innermost Self, building self-esteem and self-acceptance. The I Am Beloved Meditation, with its soothing words and music, also works well as the backdrop for a gentle yoga practice.

The Alchemy of Peace & Love guides me to a place where joy and love and peace and sweet remembrance have their beginnings. They find my soul, like a long talk with a dear friend . . . . ”   Comment from listener

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